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Garment care

About our product

Garment outer

The outer is a pure woollen product.  If it does become dirty, it can be Dry Cleaned or. if you are extremely careful, it can be washed by hand. Do not use a machine under any circumstances. The water for hand washing should be 30 C or 80 F - certainly not more that hand hot - which is tepid to gently warm if you don’t have a thermometer handy. Cold water is more preferable. Gently agitate and don’t leave in the water for more than a couple of minutes. Rinse gently in cold clean water. Leaving in an appreciable depth of water for more than a couple of minutes will cause damage to the fibres. Press with an open palm onto a flat surface, such as an empty  bath to remove excess water. Dry flat or carefully spin on a slow speed (500rpm) or less for a short time. Line dry whilst trying not any add tension or compression to the fabric. We hope that by treating the fabric with care, you can enjoy our product for many years to come. 

The business model


If your Shawl does need a repair, we are happy to undertake repairs, but please bear in mind that postage both ways may make a repair uneconomic. Please phone for further details


Clothes moths can damage the fabric, but there are ways to guard against them. Old-fashioned Moth balls from the 70’s and early 80’s are now outlawed, but cedar wood balls or cedar wood box can deter moths. Wrapping in plastic bags can also helpful prevent damage. We also recommend lavender oil. Wooden wardrobes can be cared for with lavender based polish. We can supply lavender loaded polish which can be purchased at our shop. The best protection is to wear the garment regularly and keep it clean and hung up when not in use.

Folding the garment to fit the bag. Watch the following video sequence.

Material source.

Our woollen Denbigh range is cloth is sourced in Wales, but the sheep are often of Merino cross breeds, not common to Wales. The Dyfed range of mill specials are likely to incorporate welsh wool from rare welsh breeds, and the material is likely to be hardwearing but is unlikely to be as soft.


Some woolly facts

  Pure wool is 100% natural 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable and, of course its 100% renewable
  Wool is warm, but it will tend to adapt to the wearer’s conditions. This is due to its breathable nature.
  Wool is flame retardant, and will often self-extinguish. Fire services will always prefer to fight a wool fire as it is not as toxic as  made-made fibres. This makes it a safer choices around the home.
  It’s long lasting and holds its shape well, even under heavy and continually use – think of a woolly carpet and the wear it’ll  absorb throughout its  life 
  Wool has hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties, and that helps the environment 
  Sheep graze peacefully while wearing their coat. 

The shawl can be worn in a car and you can slip it on & off whilst in a car, but please remember to stop First!